Hi, I'm Sandy Schwan.

With a mix of perspiration and inspiration, I’ll partner with you and your team to thrive as leaders and drive change in you, your team, your company.

Hi, I'm Sandy Schwan.

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With a mix of perspiration and inspiration, I’ll partner with you and your team to thrive as leaders and drive
change in you, your team, your company.

Being a leader today is no easy feat. You're expected to spark innovation, build top-performing teams, and steer your organization through constant change - all while juggling competing priorities. Mastering the communication savvy, future-focused thinking, and emotional intelligence to inspire real transformation doesn't come naturally for everyone.

As your guide, I'll draw on my 20+ years of experience leading strategic change across industries to equip you with the mindsets and skills for impactful leadership. 

Learn. Lead. Change.

I’ve been fortunate to partner with leaders across a broad range of companies and industries, including:

What sets me apart?

Hear from others who can answer that question based on working with me

“Sandy's keen powers of perception enable her to dissect a business problem or challenge with objectivity, while assessing the strengths, weaknesses and motivations of those involved in a given project. Her deep understanding of various leadership styles, business cultures and the different ways people learn and process new information serve to inform the very grounded guidance she offers. Sandy is truly a breath of fresh air: a dynamic, inspiring force powered by an inner calm. She put my team on the right track, opened my eyes to new ways of approaching challenges and gave me tools I can use anywhere.” – VP, Marketing

“I have worked with Sandy for many years and strongly recommend her. She is particularly good at going into a situation that can be highly charged and sorting through the issues to get at the real concern. Her results are top notch. Her knowledge levels within financial services are deep and she appreciates the challenges of a global firm and how flexibility is key.” CFO Chief of Staff

“Sandy has the gift of being able to not only quickly identify critical pain-points associated with expected change but to develop creative and compelling messaging that inspires and provides real solutions to these changes. This is not only because she is brilliant but because she is sincerely empathetic to the needs and experiences of others. She clearly has passion for her vocation. Sandy is engaging, ever-cheerful, and has the ability to brighten up a room when she walks into it.” - Senior Strategic Communications Leader

"Sandy has an incredible ability to objectively dissect challenges and inspire practical solutions to move forward. She helped get my team firing on all cylinders."

“We came away with a renewed sense of purpose and commitment to not just making it work but making it better.” - Managing Partner

“I would highly recommend Sandy to any executive facing strategic issues. She grasped very quickly my real issue and helped me out of the "rabbit hole" that often challenges even the best business leader. “ - Co-founder and CEO




  • Communicate Effectively and Efficiently
  • Resolve Conflicts with Courage and Confidence
  • Engage Your Stakeholders
  • Personalized One-on-One Coaching
  • Deepen Your Leadership Self-Awareness
  • Hone Your Coaching and Mentoring Skills
  • Master the Six Levers of Change Leadership
  • Develop Resilience and Adaptability as a Leader of Change
  • Build High-Performance Teams


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And you won't just be coached - you'll emerge as the coach. Equipped to instill that same forward-thinking leadership across your teams and organization.

  • Emotional intelligence and empathetic leadership
  • Resilience to navigate complexities with poise
  • Confidence as an authentic driver of change
  • A growth mindset that keeps you continually evolving

Results Matter

Numbers and KPIs only tell part of the story. My coaching approach aims to transform leaders from the inside-out, instilling the intangible strengths of top leadership:

Sustainable Excellence Starts Within

A strategic investment in tailored coaching is key for impactful results:

  • Self-aware leaders who make better decisions
  • Effective communication so the right message gets to the right people in the right way
  • Innovation to adapt to the ever-changing market
  • Ambitious goal-setting with the skills to strategically align actions
  • Engaged employees resulting in increased productivity and a positive work environment
  • Meeting and exceeding business goals and targets

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Ready to learn, lead and change?

What sets me apart?

Hear from others who can answer that question based on working with me

“Sandy thoughtfully tailored a coaching strategy by prescribing a guided approach to enhance my ability to elevate, serve, and lead. Employing her extensive experience counseling organizations through change, she strengthened my leader abilities and built new pathways to grow and adapt to real situations.” – Cybersecurity Leader

“Sandy is a tremendously talented executive management coach and person who is able to size up a situation by taking time to understand, engage, evaluate, offer suggestions and hit the nail on the head not once but consistently” - President

"With Sandy on a large global implementation project for a major financial company. She is the consummate change manager, having the ability to assess situations and people, addressing issues and opportunities with appropriate solutions. Sandy has the type of personality that makes you want to work with her.” - Application Development Leader

“Sandy is so much more than an agent of change, she is an advisor, strategist, confidant and human library of great ideas and tools.” – VP, HR

“I have witnessed first hand Sandy's enviable ability to partner with and coach leaders at all levels. She is a true expert in change leadership and is as generous with her knowledge and expertise as she is with her passion and commitment to any program she leads.” – Co-founder and CEO

“I could tell Sandy was emotionally invested in my learning and growth and as a result, this allowed me to become more invested in my work and produce better end result.” - Data Scientist

“I personally found Sandy friendly and easy to work with, always generous with her insights and suggestions. She was also humble and open to ideas, working hard to incorporate our ways of thinking and working with her own expertise and experience.” - Chief People Officer