Contagious Inspiration at the Kellogg Executive Women’s Network Event

Kewn Professor Leigh Thompson gave a fantastic lecture on Emotional Intelligence at last night’s Kellogg Executive Women’s Network & Kellogg Executive MBA Programs’ Evening for Executive Women. Highlights include:

  • Deficits in executives’ EQ [emotional quotient] are the primary cause for their derailment, with the big three being: the inability to handle change, not working well in a team, and poor interpersonal skills
  • What role ‘rights’ and ‘power,’ behavioral observations and creating shared goals play in negotiations
  • How contagious our behaviors are. And, leaders are most contagious
  • How a quick 5-minute ‘inspiration’ exercise can produce a sustainable productivity increase
  • How a person’s EQ determines his/her success in school, on the job, in relationships, and overall life satisfaction [The Business Case for EQ]
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Sandra Schwan

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