Trust Your Instincts. Ditch the Bad Seeds. And Watch Your Creativity Soar

“Creativity comes from trust. Trust your instincts.” Rita Mae Brown, novelist, poet, screenwriter, activist, (1944-)

This week I had the opportunity to dine with a well-respected performer in the entertainment industry, who has been an inspiration to me for many years. The topic of trust came up, and how important trust is in building partnerships in his industry. Hearing him talk about his recent surge of creativity based on separating himself from dishonest ‘bad seeds’ in his life was pretty awe-inspiring.

I had never really thought about the freedom and associated creativity that follow when you rid yourself of relationships with people who are dishonest. Sometimes, removing yourself from these energy-drainers is not as easy as it seems. Enter your brilliant, built-in instincts!

One of the best tools of the trade in life and in leading and managing organizational change is trusting your instincts, because a clear roadmap does not exist for either. Trust your instincts to:

  1. Assess people in forming new partnerships
  2. Identify other leaders
  3. Understand the root of your naysayers concerns
  4. Determine what the top priorities are to create successful change
  5. Set realistic timelines. Know when to stop, when to go

Experiencing change and building partnerships professionally or personally is challenging on its own. If you are dealing with a dishonest person during a change who is causing distrust, strife or anxiety, move on as quickly as you can. Remember: trust your instincts and watch your creativity and leadership soar.

If you are looking for more on trust, check out Trust Matters by my trusted colleague and change communicator extraordinaire, Noreen Kelly.

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