Twelve Principles & Practices of HR Value

Dave Ulrich – reknowned author, University of Michigan professor and RBL Group partner – kicked off the 2006 Human Resources Management Association of Chicago [HRMAC] Summit last week by discussing 12 key principles and practices that comprise the HR value proposition. I’ve listed these below – #10 is my favorite. Hope you find value and inspiration in one or all of them as well.

Principle 1 [Things we know]: Strategic clarity. Practice 1 [Things we do]: Facilitate strategic clarity.

Principle 2: Organization capability. Practice 2: Do capability audits.

Principle 3: Change disciplines. Practice 3: Profile change disciplines.

Principle 4: Culture as shared mindset. Practice 4: Create a culture change plan.

Principle 5: Leadership brand. Practice 5: Inspire a leadership brand.

Principle 6: Learning ideas with impact. Practice 6: Encourage learning processes.

Principle 7: Collaboration. Practice 7: Ensure efficiency and leverage.

Principle 8: Customer share. Practice 8: Generate customer share.

Principle 9: Intangibles. Practice 9: Perform intangibles audit.

Principle 10: Abundance. Practice 10: Balance individual and organizational needs.

Principle 11: HR transaction then transformation. Practice 11: Manage transactions; lead transformation.

Principle 12: HR Professionalism. Practice 12: Become a valued contributor.

C 2006. The RBL Group.

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