Four Processes to Successful Retention

“Want to keep people? Then be welcoming, aim for excellence, build a meritocracy, and go flat. People will love it.”

In his monthly column in CIO Decisions, James Champy notes that increased turnover within an organization can lead to an overall decrease in productivity and quality of work. He suggests an offensive approach to retention and offers four tips for retaining qualified employees:

On-board. Get people engaged as soon as possible. Early experiences shape the relationship people will have with your company.

Measure performance. Let people know where they stand against standards.

Recognize. You’d be surprised by how much loyalty you can buy with genuine recognition.

Develop careers.  Enable progression of increasingly challenging and complex work vs. hierarchy.

James Champy is chairman of Perot Systems Corp.’s consulting practice and head of strategy for the company. He is also the author of the best-selling books Reengineering the Corporation, Reengineering Management, The Arc of Ambition and X-Engineering the Corporation.

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