Inspiration: Problem or Possibility? It is all in the framing

“A stumbling block to the pessimist is a stepping stone to the optimist.”
Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), U.N. diplomat, humanitarian, U.S. First Lady

If you see problems instead of possibilities, then reframe your thinking immediately.

Decide to see difficulties not as problems, but as opportunities for success through hard work.

Consider the experience you’ll gain in meeting each new challenge.

Have a great weekend!

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Sandra Schwan


  1. A very nice quote from Eleanor Roosevelt that is truly timeless.
    One of the great secrets to prosperity and wealth is to visualize things how you expect them to be. You become what you study. It’s like an energy is being given off, and you start to attract the things you see in your mind.

  2. Sounds like someone has read “The Secret”. Great book by the way that educates on the law of attraction.

  3. Tara, thanks for the tip about “The Secret”. I see that two of my favorites, Bob Proctor and Joe Vitale are contributors to the video. Thanks again!

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