On Being a Sibling: Pride, Appreciation, Embarrassment

June 19, 2007


I would like to take this opportunity to recognize Coleen Schwan for all the hard work she provided during the final development phase of the [ ] Project.  Coleen came on to the project at a very late stage and her unique ability to understand the business and technology needs aided in providing crucial information to the technology area during this final phase.  Her dedication to meeting project deadlines required a lot of communication and co-ordination between the business and technology owners.  Coleen has been a valuable asset to the project team.

With great appreciation:

[The Three Client Project Managers]"

Yep. Some things never change. As an older sister, I was put on earth to totally embarrass my younger sister. But, I can’t help but be proud. Nice job sis – I am proud of you!

What a great way to make someone’s day. Today, choose someone on your team that makes a difference and let them know.

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Sandra Schwan

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  1. For anyone who is interested, I am the oldest sister of the Schwan girls, and I taught them everything they know. I am a judge in Texas, and I rule my girls have done well!

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