Lemons Can Bring Lemonade, and Struggle Can Bring Learning

“Learning is discovering that something is possible.”

Fritz Perls, (1893 – 1970), co founder of Gestalt therapy

A key role leaders need to play now during such significant market turbulence is to help employees understand that in the midst of struggle, a plethora of opportunities exist for learning. Sometimes it is hard for people to naturally push themselves to ‘think outside of the box’ without a platform burning impetus. Well, that impetus clearly exists today, and I must say that I’ve been able to witness firsthand some amazing learning, creativity and innovation arise within my client base.

ACTION: As Gestalt therapy suggests, try focusing on the ‘here and now’ as much as you can. Keep your team from ruminating on the future…and lead by example, of course. Yes, consider the future and what you have control over, but determine what is within your sphere of influence to lead, manage and control. Develop a plan that includes capturing key learnings along the way. Before you know it, the market will correct itself; then, you and your team will be able to reflect upon how you successfully handled the associated organizational changes…and be proud.

 – Coming soon: Scenario Planning. What is it and how can you apply it now –

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