New! Improved! But, Do You Know Who Cares?



“Erroneous assumptions can be disastrous.”

Peter Drucker, (1909 – 2005) one of my all time favorite authors  


Many companies are keen to introduce “new and improved” products or services. Yet, all too often these new innovations are useful to the company but not the customers or clients they aim to serve. Example: a self check-out lane may help a company reduce the number of cashiers it needs but may be a hassle for customers who are baffled by the new machines.

Action: Evaluate new innovations through the lens of the market — not just the lens of your company. Before you roll out a new service, feature, or product under the “new and improved” umbrella, be sure to understand whether it is something your prospects and client want or need.

In organizational change management, this evaluation step is called a Stakeholder Impact Analysis. (There are many names that are used as well, but I will stick with this title for now.) This activity is an important for step to allow you to consider all of the groups and people who could be affected by a change or innovation, and in what ways they will be impacted.

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Sandra Schwan


  1. Jeff – thank you for our comment. As the marketer you are, you are better at keeping up with the latest coined terms. Ten years?! What’s next?

  2. Sandy,
    Great point on confirming what kind of improvement your audience is looking for. We’ve gotten accustomed to seeing nextgen batteries and another blade on a razor every couple months. “The New Realities” was a favorite. Hard to believe it’s ten years old!

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