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How would you describe the difference between wise and smart? Here is a simple exercise I use to help people understand the difference in their own worlds.

  1. First, ask: who is the smartest person you know, and why did you choose that person?

Responses often include people who are technically brilliant in their respective fields (e.g., aeronautical engineers, brain surgeons, economists, well-known company leaders) and who are described as intelligent, genius and bright.

  1. Then, ask: who is the wisest person you know, and why did you choose that person?

While responses may also include leaders in their fields, people frequently mention family members, community elders, teachers/professors and athletic coaches. Adjectives and phrases used to describe them include perceptive, caring and aware. And, I hear ‘he made me want to be better’ or ‘she believed in me.’

There is a difference between smarts and wisdom, especially when thinking about leadership. This quote sums up the difference quite well: “A smart leader will give you smart answers, but a wise leader will ask you smart questions.”

I recently shared with one of my clients a graphic from a neuro-leadership course I am taking. This simple graphic resulted in a transformative, A-HA moment for him in understanding what being wise looks like. He is now laser focused on the skills he needs to develop further to become that wise, impactful leader he knows he can and wants to be.

Can smart and wise co-exist? Indeed. And, those leaders who are strong in both thrive.

This quarterly provides you with ways to build your wisdom muscles. Any movement towards wisdom will ignite your leadership impact.

I look forward to partnering with those of you motivated to build and use your wisdom to drive results and lead change. Call or email me if you want to expand your leadership impact, bolster your team’s coaching capabilities or navigate key changes across your organization. If you know other leaders seeking to expand their leadership capabilities, have them contact me.
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