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Do you believe that learning, leading and changing can be fun? I do. I do not mean that driving results is all fun all of the time. Nevertheless, I have noticed a theme among executives I have been working with recently. If they have (or feel that they have) lost their mojo, it is because they’ve lost sight of WHY they do what they do. Once we revisit what makes them tick and what drew them to leadership, then their joy and genius starts seeping in again.

If you lose your joy, then you risk minimizing your results and impact. Remember: to amuse your inner genius and the inner geniuses of the people around you, go play once in a while.

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Thanks for considering me the next time you and / or your leaders need to build change leadership skills. Call or email me to discuss further when you’re ready. Or, if you know other leaders or colleagues seeking to build their capabilities, share this email with them so they can call or email me. I look forward to solving creatively with those of you who are motivated to keep learning, driving results and leading change…with joy and genius.

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