News – Quarterly 2018

Growing up playing tennis, Billie Jean King, Chris Evert and Andrea Jaeger were three of my role models. To me, each champion represented heart, smarts or guts on the court. Heart. Smarts. Guts. With which do you lead?

The theme of this quarterly is self-awareness. Self-awareness is both internal (how well you know yourself) and external (how well you understand how others see you). Coaching leaders on building their self-awareness can be highly effective in times of change, as a strong executive sponsor is the biggest influencer of the success or failure of getting changes to ‘stick.’

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If you and / or your leaders need to build leadership skills and are looking for a coach to partner with, call or email me. Or, if you’re in great leadership shape but you know other leaders or colleagues seeking to build their capabilities, please forward this email to them so they can call or email me. I look forward to solving creatively with those of you leaders who are hungry to inspire others, drive results and lead change. Let’s bring your heart, smarts and guts to life.

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