Newsletter – May 2016 Edition

Can 100 days + 100 asks + 100 miracles = increased change agility and resilience? Yes, and I have the results to prove it.

Change can be wrought with fear…and opportunity. Three entrepreneurs inspired my quest to experience more of the latter. I committed to making one ask and identifying one miracle daily for 100 days.

Result: No question – my change agility and resilience increased. Were there rejections? Sure, plenty. Did the yes’s outweigh the no’s? Absolutely. And, new relationships were formed. I gained clarity in what drives me. I delighted in the many daily miracles, and marveled as others engaged and created their own joy by joining my adventure.

Need to increase your change agility and resilience? Start your 100-day journey NOW. Track your progress daily, and plan to be astounded by your growth. I’m looking forward to starting my next 100 days of asks and miracles. Let’s go!

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Sandra Schwan

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