Productivity – Up or Down?

I read an article this week saying that the productivity in Illinois is expected to go down until after the Super Bowl. Let me offer a different perspective.
Succeeding in the workplace – or anywhere for that matter – often depends on your ability to develop meaningful, trusting relationships with others. If talking about the Bears gives people a reason to connect, to further dialogue, to find a reason to put their differences aside to work together, terrific!
I also took away a number of lessons from watching some of the players in the game.
Rex Grossman
  • His nerves were so obvious in the first half. Did you notice how tense his face muscles were and how his shoulder were sitting up around his ears? Fast forward to the second half when his confidence clearly soared. He relaxed, he threw some great passes.
  • Lesson: Believe in yourself. Even if you don’t feel confident at the moment, fake it. Trick yourself in to feeling the confidence. Believe me, you’ll get there faster.
Lovie Smith
  • Lots of ups, lots of downs throughout the game. But, his facial expression never really changed. He never attacked coaches or players during the game. He was a steady force, a calming influence throughout the game.
  • Lesson: Steel resolve is a beautiful thing.
Brian Urlacher
  • His abilities were questioned by the media before the game. Then, he was taunted by his opponents on the field. But, boy, didn’t he deliver.
  • Lesson: Stay focused on the task at hand. Stay in the moment. Find ways to turn the negativity of naysayers into something that can benefit you and your team.
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Sandra Schwan


  1. Great examples of attracting the things you give off. Brian and Rex are amazing when it comes to taking the Psycho-Cybernetics approach to manifesting their victories. These guys are winners no matter what happens. A great lesson for all of us. Thanks for sharing Sandy!

  2. Keep up the good work!
    A friend of mine sent me this very nice prosperity exercise yesterday. I thought other folks might enjoy it:

  3. Hi Sandy…
    What a great way to put things in perspective. Sometimes it’s hard to see sunshine for the rain. And boy was the whether interesting in that game, however…
    I totally agree with you, and to put it in its oldest words: “Mind over Matter.”
    For example, I ride by these luxurious homes each day as I ride to work out in Lincolnshire and I ask myself…”How do I make that leap. The leap from an entry level job, entry level salary, and an apartment rental in Chicago.” Well I said to myself that Roam wasn’t built in a day and that I have to take baby steps, and that all that I want if I work hard enough I can attain. Maybe I won’t have a multi million dollar home tomorrow but I’ve psyched myself up to attain it one day, and I’m not worried anymore about my next step, I anticipate the challenge.
    Sandy, I’m sooo proud of you. Keep up the good work, I find lots of inspiration here.

  4. Thanks Brad. I appreciate all of your comments and insights that you share here.

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