Robert Reich: The Economics of People

With globalization, disruptive technology and aging demographics bearing down on the U.S. economy, Robert Reich says we need a new way to think about people.
Equal parts economist, professor, polemicist and politician, Robert Reich is quite unlike any other business thinker on the current public scene. These days, the former Labor Secretary under President Clinton is a professor of public policy at the University of California–Berkeley, National Public Radio commentator and sought-after public speaker. [note from Sandy: He spoke at a recent talent management strategy conference in Chicago, so I can vouch firsthand that Mr. Reich is a wonderfully engaging and interesting speaker.] But in his spare time, Reich worries that the U.S. has reached an economic crossroads and could take the wrong path, choosing protectionism over globalization and failing to take advantage of its most important resource: its people.

Read the rest of the article by Allan E. Alter at CIO Insight. Enjoy.
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Sandra Schwan

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  1. I couldn’t agree with you more about Reich’s speaking/teaching skills. I had the opportunity to take a class he taught while at Brandeis. I wrote a bit about it on my blog and invite you to check it out if interested… thank you!

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