Follow the Rocket Man to Develop Your Mythology-inspired Change Plan

“The less I say the more my work gets done.”

 Elton John (1947 – ), English music artist

Nike may have used this quote as inspiration for its “Just Do It” tagline. Have you ever noticed that during a shift in a company’s business and/or organizational strategy, employees seem to fall into two broad camps: those who talk and those who deliver. All the talking is typically nonproductive and can show a weakness in character.


  1. Be quiet and get to work. Spend time in conversations of value that will help you and your team accelerate movement through a change, but do not waste your energy on fruitless conversations.
  2. Try not to engage in fruitless conversations. Certainly, all humans need to express there questions, fears, concerns etc., but keep that group small and the conversations private.
  3. Channel your inner Nike not the company but the Greek mythological character of strength, speed, and victory – and focus on the building momentum, accelerating and creating a strong desire to succeed in influencing a significant strong organizational change.
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Sandra Schwan

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