The High Cost of Turnover

I just read that the experts at the Families and Work Institute tell companies it will cost about 75% of a non-managerial worker’s annual salary to replace him or her and at least 150% of a manager’s annual salary. That percentage continues to increase as you move up the corporate ladder.

Take care of your employees, folks! I’d much rather you keep your folks engaged and content before having to come to me to assist in your retained searches. Keep checking my blog’s categories of ‘Employee Engagement,’ ‘Inspiration,’ ‘Talent Management,’ etc. for ideas on taking care of your employees.

“What my years of business have taught me is that the key to competitiveness is innovation, and the key to innovation is people. Taking care of people, therefore, is an essential way of taking care business.”  Randall Tobias; Chairman of Eli Lilly

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Sandra Schwan

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