Thoughts on Leadership Change and Success

Some thoughts on leadership change and success from Fast Company:

  • Real leaders set goals that are ambitious and simple.
  • The fastest way to become better at your job and in your life is to spend your time more effectively.
  • Your career is as healthy as your learning curve. Develop a learning plan.
  • If you want to change your company, change how it relates to customers.
  • Help every person in the company understand the business in the same big picture terms as the CEO does.
  • Think through your company’s politics and culture before pushing changes.
  • The more you allow each person to grow in terms of information and power, the more you grow the company.

I suggest a couple ways a leader can use this list:

  1. As a tool for self-improvement/assessment. Ask yourself: How ambitious and simple are my goals? Do I have a learning plan? Am I allowing my team to grow in its information and power?
  2. As a tool for assessing and interviewing potential leadership hires. Develop then ask questions based on your company’s culture.
  3. As a tool for developing your current leaders. Use as a discussion springboard with your leaders, asking them to self-assess and then agreeing on course corrections as needed.
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