Two Days+Two Action Steps=Increased Enthusiasm & Productivity

“Nothing great was ever achieved

without enthusiasm.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882),

American writer and activist

Where does your level of enthusiasm rate?



Two Days – Completely Positive

A challenge for you… a simple challenge where

everyone wins (you and those around you).

No real risk exists and it requires no additional


Today, tomorrow, next week– every business

day you have an impact on those with whom

you come in contact– your team, your vendors,

your customers. The impact will be either

positive or not positive. Within the next three

weeks, set a two-day period for you and your

team (or simply for yourself) when you’ll commit

to impact people positively with every

interaction– every contact. Two days where

nothing negative is permitted and service to the

customer and your colleagues is the objective.

Now, here’s the key to succeeding with your

challenge. Before the two-day period begins,

invest some time in locking down something

that’ll help anchor you to the commitment

during the inevitable difficult moments.

It should be something positive and

specific to you– a thought, an image, a

goal, a creed, a mission– something you can

easily recall that will help you step back

for a moment during adversity, smile and

then move forward with your

commitment to the positive.

Two days. Two action steps…

1. Commit to having a positive impact with every

interaction for two specific days within the next

three weeks.

2. Lock down a personal mental anchor to the

commitment for the tough moments before the

two-day challenge begins.

Imagine the new habits you’ll inspire… in yourself

and in others. Imagine the increased productivity

you’ll experience. Start something positive in your

business world. Two days.



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