Speaking of Halloween, here is a great disguise to try…Genius



“Genius is perseverance in disguise.”


Mike Newlin, (1942-), American basketball player in the NBA known for his fiestiness and persistence


Well, I think we will all have to settle in for a little perseverance. Developing perseverance can help you and your team to get ahead of the organizational changes and roadblocks and focus on the future…which will be here before we know it. So what can you do now to demonstrate your and your team’s genius?



– Self: Here are some ideas you can use to continue to develop your perserverance:


1. Organize and use time wisely

2. Work hard—reap what you sow

3. Refine leadership skills and people skills

4. Learn something new, or take a subject you know and view it from a different lens

5. Flex your focus muscle – this is a great time to practice, practice, practice






– Team: Here are some ways you can work with your team to build their perseverance further. Bring them back to challenge they overcame when learning to ride a bike.


  1. How many of you fell the first time you tried to ride a bike?
  2. What would have happened if you had not kept trying?
  3. Can you think of other times you have had to work very hard at something?
  4. How do you feel once you have accomplished something that at first was very difficult?
  5. How does all of this relate to the current situation / organizational change we are experiencing now?


Don’t leave in the midst of a challenge or be disillusioned. Your company, team, and peers need you. Remember that all successful people have had their share of ‘failures’ before they experienced success. Setbacks will appear along the way. Treat them as stepping stones, and learn from them. With each new lesson learned, you will gain momentum and reach your goals faster.

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