What do 44% of CFOs have in common?

In a recent survey of CFOs conducted by CFO Publishing, 44% described the alignment of business and IT in their companies as weak. I’ve heard this sentiment shared by other senior executives, including CEOs, COOs, CIOs and CTOs. So, what can companies do to ensure their technology investments are effectively aligned with and delivering measurable value to their business?

After conducting primary and secondary research on this topic, I’ve created the “Ls & Ms” of what matters most in effective business-IT alignment: Link & Lead. Manage & Measure. Any leader can apply the Ls & Ms, and I encourage you to do so. I’ve had some readers tell me that I should add the “Cs”: Communicate and Collaborate. To learn more, I welcome you to read my Point of View on the topic: What Matters Most: Effectively Aligning Technology and Business. Enjoy!

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Sandra Schwan

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  1. A recent McKinsey Quarterly article on the value of IT leaders sparked a highly respected CIO to pose the following questions to me: “…at this point in the history of business and IT alignment, it would be good to begin to see some of the articles on business execs becoming more IT capable and literate. When does the business become more accountable about managing their IT environments which are running the business? Is there as much coverage of this side of the fence?” My response – I said that I didn’t see many explicit articles on businesses accountability re: its IT environment(s). It may be masked in info shared on sourcing or BPO, but that’s it. I’d welcome other perspectives as well.

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