Yesterday? Nah. Tomorrow? Nope. Today? Let Us Begin!

“Yesterday is gone. Tomorrow has not yet come. We have only today. Let us begin.”  Mother Teresa (1910–1997), Catholic nun, Nobel Peace Prize winner

I spoke with someone today who is busy going through some personal changes. His way of ‘beginning today’ to deal with these changes to propel him into the future was to ‘purge’ some physical baggage from his past. Of course, his physical baggage also represents emotional baggage.

I applauded his beginning today, as his past is gone. His is a soulful past, but it is his past. He is busy trying to live his future now, which seems to be bringing about its own set of stresses.

But…he has today. And he did what he could today to move beyond his past and into the future: he made a simple phone call to have someone remove some baggage, some past memories. Cheers. Congratulations. He began. He did something.

For organizational change, sometimes beginning today to change is the only option. Leaders develop plans for the future – and they should – but no one should lose sight of what can be done today.

Is there something you can do today – however small it may seem – that will impact today and possibly move you into the direction of you and/or your organization’s future? If so, then have at it!

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