Come on…it has to be said…

…and celebrated… GO BEARS!

The Chicago Bears are one step closer to the Super Bowl with today’s win over the Seattle Seahawks. The Bears face the New Orleans Saints next. The Bears are terrific this year, but the Saints just may have the edge over us. Why?

Because the Saints may have more heart. And, when it comes down to the performance of a football team or a company team, it is the engaging of the heart that will increase the effort given and lift performance higher than following any technique, model, formula, method.

May the best hearts win.

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Sandra Schwan

Sandra Schwan

Managing Partner at Evolving Strategies LLC
Sandra is the Managing Partner of Evolving Strategies LLC, a consulting firm helping companies and people learn, adapt and perform. Sandra holds a Master of Science degree in Adult Learning and Strategic Organizational Change from Northwestern University’s School of Education and Social Policy, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Arkansas. Previous employers include the Corporate Executive Board, Lante Corporation, Kensington International, and Accenture where Sandra was awarded mentor of the year.

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Sandra Schwan

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