Pain & Suffering or Pain & Pleasure? You Pick.

“Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.”

Adlai E. Stevenson (1900–1965), American politician

It is true – changes affecting industries, organizations, teams or individuals can bring pain. Nevertheless, how you choose to handle this pain is up to you.  


Generate Positive Momentum by Planning for and Creating Small Wins

  1. Identify and write down the changes you can control.
  2. Write down a plan to address each change in a productive way.
  3. Communicate. Execute. Adjust. Communicate.
  4. Repeat Step Four as often as you can.

Broaden Your Sphere of Influence and Control by Leveraging New and Old Relationships

  1. Write down the changes you think you cannot control.
  2. Accept that some changes are simply outside of your sphere of influence, but…
  3. Consider whether you can influence components of a change.
  4. Consider what relationships you can leverage to broaden your influence.
  5. Collaborate and write down a plan to address each change or change component in a productive way.
  6. Communicate. Execute. Adjust. Communicate.
  7. Repeat Step Six as often as you can.

Organizational change – it is inevitable. Try to view each change as an opportunity to sharpen your leadership skills.

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